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Neil has been an inspiring colleague working on the marketing roll-out of our company. Combining deep knowledge of online and social media marketing with a sound degree of entrepreneurship, motivation and flexibility, Neil is a very valuable member of the team that grounded Appsfunder. Acting as a sparring partner for brainstorming on the strategic roadmap of this venture, his contributions always were relevant and to the point.

Pascal De Keyser

C.E.O., AppsFunder

Neil is a creative and entertaining marketer with a cornucopia of ideas which appear to be absolutely endless in supply and ability to delight. He is a masterful SEO with his eye firmly on the “priority ball”.

He is the complete package- competence, high ethics, concern for his clients, and oodles of fun to work with. He’s as good as it gets. Plain and simple.

Dr Kim Crawford

MD and CEO, Dr Kim's Age Well Solutions

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