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I build and market crypto companies, with a specialty in early stage, for myself and for others.


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Solution Oriented, Results Focused

I’m a solution oriented, results focused digital marketer and online entrepreneur with more than 22 years experience in an assortment of marketing/sales and management roles for technology companies, including founding five of my own companies.

I have a tireless thirst to understand what drives consumer behaviour as well as technology, which has driven me to acquire significant skills and insight across most digital channels, marketing tools and platforms.

Having worked in crypto since 2017, I have a very good understanding of what it takes to succeed from pre-token sale through to post product launch, in this fast moving space.

I have built & led many teams, including multi disciplinary projects liaising between development, design and management as well as customer stake holders.

At the end of a week, you can only have results or excuses, so which is it going to be?

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Platinum Yield

A new approach to P2E Games Guilds. We are leveraging NFTs to mesh the best parts of P2E Gaming, DeFi and NFTs to maximise  participant returns by contributing to, and thereby profiting from, the nascent metaverse gaming industry.

Interview DAO

Learn from the stories & wisdom of FINTECH Founders by joining this NFT powered membership community.

All profits go to charity.


While I love working on my own hustle, I also love to work as part of a team on other people’s projects.¬†

If you think a crypto marketing expert with 20+ years experience building businesses can help you please reach out.

Crypto Marketer's Field Manual

I’m currently writing a book that is designed to give marketers the information and tools they need to navigate the transition from the traditional world into crypto.

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I write about crypto, marketing, p2E Gaming and the metaverse


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I often consult with crypto projects in either a short term hands on role, or as a longer term advisor. I’m always open to hearing from interesting crypto projects, so please reach out if you have a requirement in marketing.

Occasionally, for amazing projects when it feels like a great fit, I will don my CMO hat and commit to longer term engagements, particularly for early stage projects.