So as you can see the site has had a massive shift in purpose to fit in with the massive changes that have occurred in the last 9 months. My blog was started with the best of intentions but no realistic purpose other than as a venue for me to flex my creative writing muscle (there’s just the one!! 😉 )

The last 2 years have been an awesome roller-coaster of a ride that have seen all manner of things come to pass. For starters my Internet marketing & web design business has really exploded in growth. In addition I have a number of exciting JV iron’s in the proverbial fire. All of these are extremely complex and will require a significant amount of planning to see if any of them are viable and would work on the long term.

This blog was originally set up to discuss Internet marketing, social media, SEO and blogging. However with my re-brand to Web Sales Marketing it became clear that that was a better forum for those topics. I am writing in a lot of different places at the moment on different topics, all of which will be updated as they change and grow, or shrink as the case may be.

I am also currently writing a book, but I’m not going to say anymore about that here.

So for now falls between two stools, and as such I’ve turned it into a sort of HQ where potential business partners, interested parties, head hunters and anyone else who care’s can find information about me…

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