Next Wednesday evening I shall be speaking to the delightful people of the Alternative Wedding Supplier networking evening organised by One of a Kind Weddings each month.  The event is completely free to attend for anybody working for a company operating in the wedding industry in Ireland.

I will be giving a brief talk on social media monitoring, how you can keep an eye on what’s being said on-line about your company, your brand and your products.

Are you aware that people are probably talking about you right now?

Knowing about those conversations and engaging with them can pay massive dividends in customer loyalty, increased sales and goodwill towards your brand. Monitoring what’s being said is the first step towards really effective social media efforts.

Responding in a timely fashion to criticisms about your company online can be half the battle in creating a really great brand name, high levels of engagement with prospects and even can help you improve your products and services over time.

Looking forward to it!


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